Exhibitions Archive


March: “aiue of HORROR” by Mizna Wada // March 26thNew Works 2021” by Phil Noto // “Phantasmenagerie” by Brandt Peters
January: Oblivion: Joe Scarano


January: Made in New Mexico IV: A Local Group Exhibition
February: Chicas: Nico Salazar & Apurritions: Sugar Fueled & New Best Friends II: Curated by Karl Deuble (Group Exhibition)
March: Midnight: David Santiago (Solo Exhibition)
April: Forest: Calan Ree (Solo Exhibition)
June: Invisible Monsters: Mike Egan (Solo Exhibition)
July: Phantom Phases: Ally Burke & What Ever Happened to Truman Lighthouse?: Bruce Parker (Solo Exhibitions)
August: Social/Isolation: Rene Palomares (Solo Exhibition)
September: Eat the Elephant: Allison Bambcat & Samsara and the Birth of the Wild Woman: Stephanie Inagaki & Pull Me Under: Mario Romero (Solo Exhibitions)
October: Dark Playgrounds: Johnpaul Gutierrez & Bystander in My Tale of Luck: Defective Pudding (Solo Exhibitions) & Bewitching X (Group Exhibition)
December: Winter Salon X (Group Exhibition) & Found Lost: Lana Crooks (Fall/Winter 2020 Continuous Solo Exhibition)


January: Made in New Mexico III: A Local Group Exhibition
February: 24K: David Santiago
March: Carnival of Lost Dolls III: Jen Musatto & In Dog We Trust: Katherine Walsh
April: All of Everything Erased: Joe Scarano & The House and the Devil: JohnPaul Gutierrez
May: Everything is Fine: Vanessa Ramirez & FOLK NOIR: Group Exhibition Curated by Jeremy Cross
June: Lost & Found: Gretchen Lewis and Toy Makers of Planet Earth III
July: Elixir: Kathie Olivas, Consumed: Kristina Drake & Made in the Shade: Sandi Ray Pierce
August: Captive Illusions: Dan Barry and Jon MacNair (Two Person Exhibition) & Handpicked from Bad Apples and Bad Eggs: René Palomares
September: The Savage: Leslie Levings, A Memory of Beasts: Shing Yin Khor & Soulmates: Patt Kelley
October: To Die For: Creeptoons and Fika Art (Two-Person Exhibition) & Bewitching IX (Annual Group Exhibition)
November: SIREN: 1999 Brandt Peters & Phil Noto and Sad Salesman: Carry Me
December: Nature Spirits: Eimi Takano & Winter Salon IX (Annual Group Exhibition)


January: Made in New Mexico II: A Local Group Exhibition
February: Knotty: David Santiago
March: My Monster: Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock (Two Person Show) & Monsters Are People Too: Vanessa Ramirez
April: Carnival of Lost Dolls II: Jen Musatto, REALM: Calan Ree (Solo) & Memento Vivere: Katherine Walsh (Solo)
May: Flora & Fauna: Otto Björnik, Forever, Nevermore: Sandi Ray Pierce & I’m Your Weird Friend: Jellykoe
June: Already Yesterday: Ken Keirns (Solo) & Toy Makers of Planet Earth II (Group Exhibition)
July: New Best Friends: A New Group Exhibition Curated by Karl Deuble
August: Afterlife: Kathie Olivas (Solo) & Tales From Dystopia: Bob Doucette (Solo)
September: Beneath the Mire: Creeptoons and Fika Art (Two Person Show), Fractured Minds: Stephan Webb (Solo) & Dawn of the Doughnuts: Sumrow (Solo)
October: Witch: Mizna Wada (Solo) & Bewitching VIII (Annual Group Exhibition)
November: The Darkest Star: Phil Noto (Solo)
December: Winter Salon VIII (Annual Group Exhibition)


January: MADE IN NEW MEXICO: A Local Group Exhibition
February:OLD GROWTH: Joe Scarano & Tim Lee
March: CIRCLE OF LIFE: Patt Kelley & ABUNDANTLY DIM: Karl Deuble
April: SPECKLE: David Santiago, APOTHECARY: An Introduction to Ritual and Tradition in the Outer Colonies of Space: Shing Yin Khor & GUIDE TO MINOR GODS AND HOUSEHOLD SPIRITS: Leslie Levings
May: STRANGE DAYS: Kathie Olivas & CARNIVAL OF LOST DOLLS: Jen Musatto
June: BATS IN THE BELFRY: A Group Custom Night King Exhibition & TOYMAKERS OF PLANET EARTH: A Group Toy Exhibition
July: A MEMORY: Textile Sculptures by Lana Crooks & MATRIARCHY by Horrible Adorables
September: New Works by Mudmonkey and Calan Ree, OUTRÉ: Brandt Peters & UNEARTHED: Phil Noto
October: THE LADY IS A VAMP: Angela Oster & Bewitching VII (Annual Group Exhibition)
November: THE FIR/THE GREEN: Amy Earles, STACKING PYRAMIDS: Jim Mahfood, YOUR FREAKY FRIENDS: Kaitlin Ziesmer & New Works by Dave Johnson
December: Winter Salon VII (Annual Group Exhibition)


January: ZEN GARDENS: Joel Nakamura and GODS & GOOP & GOBBLEDYGOOK: Max Lehman
February: SKULLS & SWEETS: Tokyo Jesus & Eimi Takano
March: SOFT SERVE: Kelly Tunstall and FOOLS & GODS: Brandan Styles & Ellie Rusinova
May: STRANGER FACTORYS 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Group Exhibition and COPE: Erika Sanada
June: Jasmine Becket-Griffith & Stephan Webb & Desiree Fessler
July: GREETINGS FROM THE OTHER SIDE: A Group Exhibition Inspired by Divination, American Spiritualism, and the Great Unknown
August: OUTER LIMITS: Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters
September: HARVEST MOON: Amanda Louise Spayd & Chris Ryniak
October: ALL THAT REMAINS: Curated by Lana Crooks & BEWITCHING VI
November: WHAT LIVES IN THE ATTIC: A Collection of of Art Works by Dave Pressler, NEOFEUDALISM: Lori Field & OUT OF THIN AIR: Mudmonkey Simon Boses


January: GALAXIA 76: Phil Noto
February: PEEPSHOW: A Group Exhibition of Pin-Up Artists: Ryan Heshka, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Jim Mahfood, Brian Ewing, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Aunia Kahn, Tokyo Jesus and Brandt Peters
March: DUBIOUS BEASTS III: Shing Yin Khor & Leslie Levings
April: SAFE HARBOR: Chris Ryniak & Amanda Louise Spayd
May: UNWOUND: Joe Scarano, Scribe & Karl Deuble
June: ODDysseys: Stan Manoukian, Seymour, Maryanna Hoggatt & Andrew Bell
July: MOURNING APPARITIONS: Kathie Olivas, Lana Crooks & Michele Lynch
August: CANDY GORE: Brandt Peters & Rich Montanari (MVH)
September: A CONSORTIUM OF LOST SOULS: Craig LaRotonda & PECCADILLOES: Kevin Titzer & THROUGH THE EYE: Amy Earles
November: IN SHADOWS: Cassia Harries, Aya Kakeda, Horrible Adorables, valeri blossom & Junker Jane


January: TRIGGER II: Brandt Peters x Ferg
February: Phil Noto (Main Room) & Jim Mahfood (Project Room)
March: Tim Lee, Joe Scarano & Robert Hoggard
April: Andrew Bell (Main Room) & Bwana Spoons x Martin Ontiveros (Project Room)
May: CONJURING MISCHIEF: A Custom Skelve Show
June: Carisa Swenson, Allison Sommers, Kelly Denato, Michele Lynch (Main Room & Katie Carillo (Project Room)
July: Cotton Candy Machine
August: SIDESHOW: Circus Posterus Group Exhibitions, Curated by Kathie Olivas & REAL LIVE: Leecifer
September: UNSEEN FORCES: Chris Ryniak , Amanda Spayd
October: BEWITCHING IV: October 10th – November 9th
November: EARTHSQUISITE CORPSE: Josh Herbolsheimer & MUTANT VINYL HARDCORE presents NIGHTMARE FUEL: An International Sofubi Group Exhibition
December: WINTER SALON IV: A Circus Posterus Group Exhibition & CREATURES OF GROWTH: Johnpaul Gutierrez


January: THE ART OF NARRATIVE: Graphic Comic Arts Exhibition curated by Jimmy Palmiotti & POSTHUMOUS MENAGERIE: Brandt Peters
February: FORETELL: Jason Limon, EMPTY WORLD: DrilOne & LONG DOGS: Leecifer: LONG DOGS
March: MIGRATION: Chris Ryniak & Amanda Spayd
April: SCOUT: Kathie Olivas, INTERFACE: Soctt Radke & EVOLUTIONARY END GAME: Stephan Webb
May: ODDFELLOWS: Chet Zar & Doktor A and PINK EYE: Doubleparlour
June: RIDE: Bob Dob:, FAUNA: Valency Genis & DONE GONE: Tim Lee
July: Colin Christian, Glenn Barr & Phil Noto
August: Paul Kaiju, James Groman, Josh Herbolsheimer, Stan Manoukian, Joe Merril (Splurrt), Goccodo and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore (group exhibit)
September: TINY THEATRE OF THE ABSURD: Turf One and Travis Louie & A NERVOUS HARBOUR : Shing Yin Khor
October: BEWITCHING III – Annual Group Exhibition
November: ENGINE: Ragnar & SENTIMENTREES: Gary Ham
December: (MAIN ROOM) Circus Annual III (Circus Posterus group exhibit) / Jen Musatto (Project Room)


January: TRIGGER: Brandt Peters x FERG
February: CIRCUS FOLKE: Miss Mindy & CJ Metzger
March: BLOOD PUDDIN’: Joe Capobianco
April: THE GREAT ESCAPE: Andrew Bell & Kelly Denato
May: THE MISSING ELEMENTS: Ragnar & Scott Tolleson
June: LE PETITE MORT: Chet Zar, SCUFFLE: Charlie Immer & SINISTER DEXTERITY: Stephan Webb
August: SPIRITS: Travis Louie
September: THE PIT OF UNEASE: Travis Lampe, ANOMIE: Doubleparlour, KAIJU vs YOKAI: Joel Nakamura and MYSTIC VISIONS: Jon MacNair
October: DEAD WOOD: Gary Ham & Bewitching II (Annual Group Exhibition)
November: SUBTERRANE (Group Exhibition)
December: Circus Annual (Circus Posterus group exhibit) & A ONE-WAY TICKET TO FLIPSVILLE: Derek Yaniger


July: SWEET & SORROW: Kathie Olivas
August: WRETCHED TIES: Brandon Dunlap & Paul Pavlovich
September: ANIMA: Archer Dougherty
October: BEWITCHING (SF Annual Halloween Group Show)
November: LATE SEASON: Chris Ryniak & Amanda Louise Spayd
December: WINTER SALON Annual Group Exhibition