Upcoming Exhibitions


  • May: …”Parables” by Erich Moffitt (Solo Exhibition) | Stranger Factory’s 10th Anniversary (Group Exhibition)
  • June/July: Caffeine and Insomnia by Kathie Olivas // “A La Carte” by Anna Tillett // “The Wild Hunt” by Katherine Walsh (Solo Exhibitions) | Exchanging Eyes (Ongoing Group Exhibition)
  • August: “Toymakers of Planet Earth IV” (Group Exhibition)
  • September: Vanessa Ramirez (Solo Exhibition) // Tripper Dungan (Solo exhibition)
  • October: Bewitching XI (Annual Group Exhibition)
  • November: Lana Crooks (Solo Exhibition)
  • December: Winter Salon XI (Annual Group Exhibition)


  • January: Cont. Winter Salon XI (Annual Group Exhibition)
  • February: Dreams of Wonderland (Group Exhibition)
  • March: 
  • April: Brandt Peters (Solo Exhibition) // Moucoyama (Solo Exhibition)
  • May: “Toy Makers of Planet Earth V” (Group Exhibition)
  • June: Tim Lee (Solo Exhibition) // Paul Anders (Solo Exhibition)
  • July: 
  • August: Kathie Olivas (Solo Exhibition)
  • September: Shing Yin Khor (Solo Exhibition)
  • October: Bewitching XII (Annual Group Exhibition)
  • November: Phil Noto (Solo Exhibition)
  • December: Winter Salon XII (Annual Group Exhibition)

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