Upcoming Exhibitions


A CONSORTIUM OF LOST SOULS: Craig LaRotonda & PECCADILLOES: Kevin Titzer & THROUGH THE EYE: Amy Earles: September 4th – September 27th

BEWITCHING V: October 2nd – November 1st

IN SHADOWS: Cassia Harries & Aya Kakeda & Horrible Adorables & valeri blossom & Junker Jane: November 6th – November 29th

WINTER SALON V: December 4th – January 3rd


January: Joel Nakamura & Max Lehman: January 8th – January 31st

SKULLS & SWEETS: Tokyo Jesus & Eimi Takano: February 5th – February 28th

April: Phil Noto: April 1st – May 1st

STRANGER FACTORY FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Group Exhibition (MAIN ROOM) & Erika Sanada (PROJECT ROOM): May 6th – May 29th

BEWITCHING VI: October 7th – October 30th

WINTER SALON VI: December 2nd – January 1st