Upcoming Exhibitions


Lost & Found: Gretchen Lewis (Feature) and Toy Makers of Planet Earth III (Group Exhibition): June 7 – June 30

Kathie Olivas (Solo) and Consumed: Kristina Drake (Feature) and Made in the Shade: Sandi Ray Pierce (Feature): July 5 – July 28

Captive Illusions: Dan Barry and Jon MacNair (Two Person Exhibition) and René Palomares (Feature): August 2 – September 1

Leslie Levings (Feature) and Shing Yin Khor (Feature) and Soulmates: Patt Kelley (Feature): September 6 – September 29

Bewitching IX (Annual Group Exhibition) and Creeptoons & Fika Art (Two-Person Show): October 4 – October 27

Phil Noto & Brandt Peters (Two Person Exhibition) and Eric Althin (Feature): November 1 – December 1

Eimi Takano (Feature) and Winter Salon IX (Annual Group Exhibition): December 6 – December 29